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Community Resources & Support Groups

The following support groups meet regularly in the Marshall area. Contact the individual listed for more information on meeting times and locations. 

Parkinson Support Group

Call Jack or Terry at 507-929-5624

Memory Loss/Caregiver Support Group

Call Melissa at 507-537-9131

After Breast Cancer (ABC) Support Group

Call 507-532-6497

Alcoholics Anonymous

Call 507-532-3008

Beginning Experience Support Group

Support for those who are widowed, separated or divorced

Call Laurie at 507-532-5892 or Anna at 507-530-2639

The Compassionate Friends Support Group

For families that have lost children

Call Brenda at 507-829-7064 or Lorinda at 507-530-6302

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Call 507-532-3680 or 507-530-3331


Another resource that may be helpful in finding local support is the website.