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Adult Day Services at Avera Marshall

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To learn more about Adult Day Services, call 507-537-9143.

Adult Day provides services to adults who have physical or mental disabilities or chronic disease issues that make it difficult for them to stay in their homes without help.

It allows caregivers and family members needed time for themselves and peace of mind that their loved one will have a day well spent in the comfort of a licensed center.

Daybreak Staff

Staff include an LPN nurse and homemakers who are trained to work with older adults and persons with moderate or severe memory loss or chronic disease. Registered nurses are available for emergencies, plus Daybreak is located within the medical center where additional help is close by.

Daybreak Features

  • Safe environment
  • Health monitoring & evaluation
  • Medication/treatment administration
  • Medication set-up
  • Nourishing meals and snacks
  • Personal hygiene services
  • Assistance with daily transportation
  • Socialization
  • Daily exercise program
  • Recreational activities
  • On-site physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy appointments
  • Registered nurses available to assist in emergency situations


Matter of Balance

This Avera Medical Minute highlights the Matter of Balance program offered by Avera Morningside Heights and Hill Street Place.