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Peak Performance

Advanced training to help you become a top athlete

Avera Marshall's Peak Performance program is a strength and conditioning program designed to improve an athlete's:

  • power
  • speed, and
  • agility
Avera Marshall Peak Performance

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Contact Aaron Schroeder at

Daynna Larsen at 

Catie Dahl at

Power Protocol

This power training protocol will help an athlete gain total body strength and explosive power. Each individually designed training program will be sport-specific and will utilize free weights and machine weights.

Plyometric Protocol

This protocol improves the athlete’s ability to rapidly apply a force followed by an equally as rapid reactive force. This will be accomplished through general and sport-specific plyometric and agility drills enabling the athlete to improve speed-strength and quickness. Each session will end with exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

Speed Protocol

This protocol develops an athlete’s speed through treadmill and sprint work. Training will increase the athlete’s stride frequency, stride length, endurance and power, as well as improve the individual’s running form and teach the athlete to run efficiently.

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an innovative system used to evaluate an athlete’s movement pattern quality. It provides a quantifiable method of evaluating basic movement abilities. Athletes will be screened by certified professionals at the beginning of the Peak Performance program and when the program is complete and will hopefully see improvement.

The FMS is not intended to diagnose orthopedic problems but rather to demonstrate limitations or asymmetries in healthy individuals with respect to basic movement patterns and eventually correlate them with outcomes.

Injury Prevention

No athlete wants to be sidelined by an injury. Proper instruction and precautionary exercises can help reduce likelihood of some types of sports injuries. Athletes will be instructed in neck strengthening exercises that can help prevent concussions. They will also learn steps they can take to help prevent ACL injuries.


When: June - August  - 8 weeks (3 sessions/week)

Where: Marshall High School, 400 Tiger Drive, Marshall, MN

Who: Athletes ages 14 and up

Cost: $175  

To register

Please contact:

Aaron Schroeder, B.S., ACSM-CES
Exercise Physiologist

Daynna Larsen, ATC
507-537-6920, ext. 1109

Catie Dahl, ATC
507-537-6920, ext. 1109


Peak Performance is provided with support from Big Stone Therapies, Inc.

Learn more about sports medicine services at Avera Marshall.