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Digital Mammography 

at Avera Marshall Imaging CenterAvera Marshall Imaging Center mammography

State-of-the-art direct capture digital mammography is available at Avera Marshall. This is the most advanced technology available to detect breast cancer.

Screening digital mammograms help in the early detection process and can show changes in the breast two to seven years before they can be felt. Women over 40 should have a screening mammogram every year.

To Make an Appointment

Call 1-877-537-9189 to make an appointment today. Ask about convenient Thursday evening appointments.

Digital Mammography Features

  • the most advanced images possible for more viewing options and accurate detection
  • techniques especially useful for those with dense breast tissue and who are pre-menopausal
  • lower radiation than other digital machines
  • support from a full network of care specialists
  • mammography credentialed staff
  • specialized on-site breast radiologist

Digital mammography is an x-ray examination of breast tissue which creates an extremely good image for radiologists to interpret. Direct digital mammography uses less radiation and provides a superior image than other types of mammography. A digital mammogram may show cancerous or non-cancerous growths at the earliest stages of development.

Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic mammography is used to detect and diagnose breast disease in women who may have a lump, pain or discharge. Diagnostic mammograms may also be used if an area seen on a screening mammogram needs further investigation.

Avera Marshall's mammography technologists have completed special training and are certified in mammography through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

How to Prepare For Your Mammogram