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McKennan History Photos

Browse photos of the hospital’s earliest days. Look back to when the community provided us with linens, then to the present where annually over 1,000 volunteers donate their time. The aerial photos of our campus show just how much our campus has changed throughout the decades.

We’ve categorized these photos into two interests: building expansion and patient-centered care.

  • The first McKennan Hospital building was constructed in 1911.
  • As Sioux Falls grew, so did McKennan Hospital. Photo circa 1919.
  • View of the campus after additions made in the 1940s.
  • The beautiful stained glass feature is from the original chapel built in 1931.
  • Generous donations made it possible for the hospital to expand again in the 1950s.
  • The passage of Medicare and Medicaid aided in the expansion of the 1970's.
  • The campus continued to grow in the 1970s. Here is an aerial view circa 1976.
  • As its programs and services expanded, so did the buildings on campus, photo 1985.
  • In 1994, McKennan Hospital opened the Cancer Institute.
  • Expansions from 1994-2004 included the building for the Orthopedic Institute.
  • 2010 aerial photo of the campus showing the new Avera Cancer Institute.
McKennan building photos

We have changed quite a bit during the last 10 decades. Starting from one building and progressing steadily, we have added more and more facilities to our expansive campus.

  • One of the first surgeries performed after Mckennan Hospital opened.
  • The Hospital Auxiliary bought McKennan Hospital this state-of-the-art portable bed.
  • The hospital received an “iron lung” during the polio outbreaks of the 40s & 50s.
  • In the 1940s, frogs were used to determine whether or not a woman was pregnant.
  • The Baby Boom was in full force with three sets of twins born at McKennan.
  • Lab technicians working hard in the lab at McKennan Hospital during the 1950s.
  • A nurse assists a patient by re-wraping the bandages on his leg.
  • Mammograms have come a long way at Avera McKennan.
  • Busy workers in the kitchen at McKennan Hospital, circa 1960.
  • A three-channel EKG machine was added to the Emergency Room in 1987.
  • In 2008, Avera McKennan opened a post-partum addition to its Women’s Center.
  • In 2008, the Avera Family Wellness Program was implemented.
  • This Careflight helicopter was added as part of the fleet in 1988.
Patient care through the years

Witness our mission in motion! From our dedicated lab technicians to children learning to play the violin, we incorporate compassion, hospitality and stewardship into our everyday practices.

mckennan history video image

Closing of the Centennial Year

Read Bishop Paul J. Swain's homily with special recognition given to Avera McKennan for 100 years of health care.

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