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Free At Last - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

Free at LastSculpture Title: "Free At Last"

Artist: Ryszard

Location: Prairie Center, East River

Amount: $4,000

Medium: Granite

Dimensions: 57h x 12w x 2d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Ryszard - Interview

Ryszard“I would like viewers to connect with the theme I am trying to project and to feel what the sculpture means to them,” says sculptor Ryszard. “Over the years, I have had people look at one of my sculptures for a period of time and look back at me, smile and nod their head in agreement.”

Ryszard says nature, people and political situations inspired “Free at Last,” which stands nearly five feet tall. More so, the piece reflects his concern with the human condition. “I was reading material concerning the amendments to the constitution and was taken with the thirteenth amendment that freed the slaves in the United States,” he says. “The name of the sculpture was taken from a stanza in an old Negro spiritual. In this sculpture of a young black girl, the stone book represents a copy of the thirteenth amendment of the constitution, which freed the slaves. The rope binding her feet also shows that it was not an easy transition.”

Ryszard, a mostly self-taught artist, is now living in Denver, Colorado with his wife of 50 years. “Free at Last,” which is made of granite and limestone, is typical of Ryszard’s work. “I love to do abstract. I have been doing art all my life, woodworking, leather, ceramics and my favorite medium, stone.”