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Mother's Undivided Love - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

Mother's Undivided LoveSculpture Title: "Mother's Undivided Love"

Artist: Ben Hammond

Location: Hospital Lobby, Near Elevator

Amount: $4,250

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 20h x 10w x 6d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Ben Hammond - Interview

Ben HammondThe first-born receives all of their parent’s time and attention; however, when a new sibling is added, they often feel displaced. They think the new kid will steal their parents’ undivided love and attention. However, a mother’s love will always remain uncompromised. Hammond says his sculpture, entitled “A Mother’s Undivided Love,” which features a mother and her two young children, represents this ever-present dilemma. “My inspiration for this sculpture was my wife and other mothers who sacrifice to raise children with little to no fanfare,” he says from his home in American Fork, Utah. “I’m typically influenced by beauty, good music, good literature, and the lessons of life taught by my parents.  I am trying to instill those traits in my own children.”

The piece stands over two feet tall and is made entirely out of bronze. “This piece is typical of my work,” he says. “I’m very drawn to classical figurative sculpture. I try to be a positive person. I’m uplifted by the goodness I see in others around me every day, and I want to uplift others through my art.”

When asked about it being included in the Avera McKennan SculptureWalk, Hammon explains that he hopes people can see the beauty in the story of the piece. “Young kids can require lots of attention from their parents,” he says. “I wanted to portray some beauty in those moments. That’s what I intended, but I find that most people see things I didn’t intend, and that is a very satisfying thing about creating art.”

Hammond, who received a degree in Illustration and currently teaches workshops all over the country, has only been sculpting since 2000. “I approach my work like everyone else. I get up and I do it every day whether I feel like it or not.”