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My Mother - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

My MotherSculpture Title: "My Mother"

Artist: Osamede Obazee

Location: Plaza 2, First Floor Lobby

Amount: $4,000

Medium: Metal

Dimensions: 31h x 11w x 8d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Osamede Obazee - Interview

Osamede ObazeeMother Nature was the inspiration behind Osamede Obazee’s sculpture, “My Mother.” “I got my inspiration from the devastating wonders of the effect of natural storms such as rain, wind, and earthquakes,” he says. “I enjoy making pieces that reflect emotional feelings of affections and strive to construct figures with a physical sense as well as an obvious emotional sense.”

The sculptor, originally from Benin, Nigeria, whose ancestors have been casting bronze for over 400 years, now resides in San Francisco, Calif. “My style, method, and techniques couple with some artistic elements of my traditional background which provide an avenue for expression and conversation,” he says. His work as long been inspired by his heritage, and African tribal customs are evident in many of his pieces. “Many African tribes are slowly losing customs passed down through the generations because they have no written records,” he says. “I’m continually encouraged to record history through my pieces and strive to document culture, religion, and tribal customs.”

“My Mother,” which stands 31 inches tall, is very typical of Obazee’s work. It is similar to his other pieces because it’s made from recycled scrap metal and wrought iron. Obazee’s pieces all represent universal appeal and possess the unique ability to express fluidity with his welded metal creations. “I’m inspired by metal, in general, and the abuse metal can take when in the formation process,” he says. “The challenges that accompany metal formation provide a unique finished product that inspires me.”

When looking at “My Mother,” Obazee “hopes viewers will take away a sense of hope from his creations. In every troublesome condition, one finds himself/herself. If there is hope, there is life.”