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Nesting - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

NestingSculpture Title: "Nesting"

Artist: Joseph Castle

Location: Hospital Lobby, Hallway Behind Information Desk

Amount: $7,000

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 48h x 8w x 2d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Joseph Castle - Interview

Joseph CastleIt was two tiny miracles that inspired Joseph Castle to create this sculpture, entitled “Nesting.” Joseph and his wife were married later in life and had concerns they would be unable to have children. However, they were ecstatic when they later learned they were expecting twins. “My work represents who I am and current situations taking place in my life,” he says. “I attribute my inspiration for several specific pieces to my kids. My piece in the 2012 Sculpture Walk represents peace and serenity in particular.”

The sculptor, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been sculpting for the past 26 years. He says among one of his earliest artistic influences was when he had the opportunity to work with artist, Myron Barnstone. Castle currently resides in Sun Valley, Idaho with his family, where he gains inspiration for his art. “I’m always influenced by nature and the rural area in which I live,” he says. “I explore forests in Idaho and regularly stumble upon unique finds. I use these discoveries to create unique pieces of art. The process acts as self-discovery for me as well.”

“Nesting” stands four feet tall and is made entirely out of bronze. It is very typical of Castle’s style. “I collect objects and work with bronze and metal regularly,” he says. “I’ve grown from work representing symmetry, proportions, and mathematical calculations to more natural creations transforming through the process.” Castle attributes the shift from a precise-style to a more free form because of Idaho’s rural settings, open spaces, and room for thoughts and creativity.