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Playmates - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

PlaymatesSculpture Title: "Playmates"

Artist: Louise Peterson

Location: Plaza 2, Fourth Floor

Amount: $6,000

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 18h x 38w x 12d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Louise Peterson - Interview

Louise PetersonSculptor Louise Peterson credits her two Great Danes, Bell and Rigel, as inspiration for her sculpture, “Playmates.” “Bella passed away last year but was a particularly energetic dog,” she says. “She would charge Rigel at full force and within a few seconds, Rigel would be on his back. Bella always won the game.”

Peterson considers Great Danes her specialty. She has lived with the breed for the last 20 years, roughly the same length of time she has been sculpting. “I am inspired by the animals I live with,” she says. “I see sculptures in the poses they take and the things they do. I try and capture their personalities in the clay. My animals are my life and I’m lucky to be able to make a living sculpting them.”

The sculpture, which is casted in bronze and stands 18 inches tall, is very typical of Peterson’s work. She enjoys using animals as subjects, particularly those she cares for. More so, she strives to explore their personalities and unique characteristics and portray these attributes through her sculptures. “I really appreciate their qualities, and I hope the viewers will as well,” she says.

Peterson attended ballet school and worked as a professional dancer for three years. Throughout her ballet career, she always had an appreciation for art. She says she attended community college classes and workshops to work on her craft, and later was privileged enough to have attended workshops with sculptors such as Walter Matia, Stanley Bleifeld, Bruno Lucchesi, and Sandy Scott.

Peterson currently resides in a very rural area near Guffey, Colo., and provides care for two Great Danes, three indoor cats, two barn cats, two horses, and seven goats. “I spoil all of them rotten. With my menagerie, I am never short of ideas,” she says.