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Roundhouse - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

RoundhouseSculpture Title: "Roundhouse"

Artist: Marianne Weil

Location: Hospital Lobby, Behind Information Desk

Amount: $6,500

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 14h x 17w x 5d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Marianne Weil - Interview

Marianne WeilMarianne Weil has made periodic trips to numerous Neolithic sites around the world, and each trip has given her the opportunity to experience intricate carvings. She visits her discoveries at various times throughout the day to capture the architecture in many different lights. Her sculptural pursuits yield inspiration for her sculptures.  “Roundhouse” was inspired on a specific trip to Scotland where Weil found herself surveying the open spaces, visiting burial grounds, and reflecting on her observations. “Archeology, fossils, and manmade ancient sites from the Neolithic period influence me,” she says. “Combing the landscapes during my travels to Western Europe provides great insight as well as summer visits to archaeological sites.”

“Roundhouse,” which is made of bronze and stands 14 inches tall, is typical of Weil’s work. “I hope viewers find my work provocative through touch and the tactile qualities my piece exhibits,” she says. “The opening represents a connection of the interior space and the exterior.  My piece provides an avenue for introspection and thoughtfulness.”

Weil grew up in her mother’s Manhattan apartment, where she was exposed to art at an early age.  Her mother was a painter and strongly encouraged Weil to explore her artistic-side. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Weil spent two years studying Greco-Roman culture. In 1976, she was hired at the notorious Sem Ghelardini’s studio, where she spent seventeen years fine-tuning on her craft.  In 1984, Weil returned to New York for graduate school at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. She has taught at various universities, and is currently a full-time assistant professor of sculpture at the City University of New York, College of Stanton Island. She is excited about her upcoming exhibition with Kouros Gallery in May featuring pieces in bronze and glass.  This will be Weil’s fifth solo exhibition with Kouros.