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The Professor - Sculpture Walk 2012-13

Sculpture Details

The ProfessorSculpture Title: "The Professor"

Artist: Gregory Johnson

Location: Skywalk, Near Plaza 4

Amount: $3,450

Medium: Bronze/Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 22h x 13w x 11d

Sculpture Walk Season: 2012-13

Gregory Johnson - Interview

Gregory JohnsonGregory Johnson has a passion for art and contemporary life, and his sculptures embody his adoration for both. His piece, “The Professor” incorporates geometric shapes, movements, and secondary materials that capture every intimate detail. “The figure, whether human or animal, has always intrigued me,” he says. “I started drawing both at the age of six, and I’ve never stopped. The works reflect a strong European tradition of a softly detailed surface quality, while expressing the energy and vitality of contemporary life.”

“The Professor,” made of bronze and stainless steel, was inspired while Johnson was visiting an aviary near his home. Johnson found himself in awe of the owl’s form and intense gaze, and decided to create a piece that would provoke thought and wisdom. “The Professor” is full of wisdom with age, books, and glasses present,” he says. “The stack of old books and reading glasses were added to the composition, to help us realize wisdom comes from learning, and the glasses gave it a nice geometrical twist.”

Johnson, a native of Chicago, Ill., currently resides near Atlanta, Ga. with his sons. He participates with a very small group of sculptors that enjoy creating commissioned public art. Johnson has had the opportunity to use his gift and talents to sculpt historical and commemorative works for town squares, concert halls, and city parks.

Many of Johnson’s pieces display a realistic likeness to the original subject. More so, he frequently hears comments from followers and viewers alike on the reality each of his pieces possess. “The most important element in sculpture, for me, is to capture the presence of the moment,” he says. “This is done by creating a feeling of character, selecting the most expressive composition, and enhancing the feeling of movement.”