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Chopper - SculptureWalk 2013-14

Sculpture Details

Chopper by Jacque FrazeeSculpture Title: "Chopper"

Artist: Jacque Frazee

Location: Prairie Center, West River

Amount: $5,800

Medium: Scrap Metal

Dimensions: 20.5 x 70 x 20

Sculpture Walk Season: 2013-14

Jacque Frazee - Interview

Most people speeding past mangled metal in a ditch or junkyard only see the scraps as waste, litter. To Jacque Frazee from Milbank, S.D., it’s only the beginning of a remarkable transformation from junk to treasure.

Though an accomplished athlete in high school, Frazee enjoyed diversity in the classroom, namely art and automotive. Such talents encouraged him to earn an art degree at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., and later enrolling in auto body collision repair and painting at Southeast Technical Institute, also in Sioux Falls. It wasn’t until an evening spent flipping through magazines of metal sculptures with his daughter that revved a gritty hobby and an open road of possibilities for Frazee. 

In the midst of a scrap metal mess, Frazee delights in finding the perfect piece for a particular spot. At times, Frazee can almost hear a scrap of metal telling him of its artistic purpose in the piece. “I enjoy watching people stare at my sculptures, trying to figure out what all the pieces are from.”

A friend challenged Frazee to create a bike from nuts and bolts. With an old Chrysler hood and ornament, and a touch of his own personality, Frazee set to work and “Chopper” roared to life.

“Sculpting makes me happy and I am doing what I love to do,” said Frazee. “There is a part of me in every project, and my work depicts me in that I pour my whole self into each sculpture. Therefore, I hope all viewers will experience the heart and soul that I try to blend in with each piece.”