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Living Storm - SculptureWalk 2013-14

Sculpture Details

Living Storm by Chris PowellSculpture Title: "Living Storm"

Artist: Chris Powell

Location: Skywalk, Near South Parking Ramp Elevators

Amount: $3,900

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 15

Sculpture Walk Season: 2013-14

Chris Powell - Interview

The beauty and power of nature was the inspiration behind Chris Powell’s sculpture, “Living Storm.” “It is a representation of the storm,” he says. “With the bottom representing the wind, the blue clouds and of course, the lighting.” For the most part, native and nature themes are very predominant in his pieces.

Powell grew up as a registered member of the Peepeekisis Tribe of Saskatchewan, which contributed to his reoccurring tribal and wildlife themes seen throughout his art. Growing up, he was also inspired by his two uncles, who were renowned sculptors themselves. Following high school, Chris apprenticed at a bronze art foundry in Denver, Colo. He eventually advanced from apprentice to foundry manager and has continuously been working on his sculptures for 11 years. In 2000, Powell was even called upon by the Colorado Avalanche NHL team to create a bust of their famed goaltender, Patrick Roy.

“Living Storm,” which stands 30 inches tall, is very typical of Powell’s work. It is similar to his other pieces because it stays true to his tribal and nature themes. Powell also includes delicately polished surfaces and rare patination processes into each sculpture, giving it a radiant surface and amazing texture.

Powell enjoys creating art that requires the viewer to go deeper, to find the true meaning behind the mystery of the piece. “I like to do interesting themes that require some thought to its understanding,” he says. However, the one thing that continuously pushes Powell is the love of creating art and noticing the fascinated look on the viewer’s face. “I really enjoy making art,” he says. “If people took the piece home I would be happy.”