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Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

1325 S Cliff Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5045
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Madonna of the Cross - SculptureWalk 2013-14

Sculpture Details

Madonna of the Cross by Jim MaherSculpture Title: "Madonna of the Cross"

Artist: Jim Maher

Location: Hospital Lobby, Near Elevator

Amount: $3,295

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12

Sculpture Walk Season: 2013-14

Jim Maher - Interview

“The piece was an idea for a local Catholic church,” says sculptor Jim Maher. “I considered Mary’s willing acceptance of the role chosen for her, and foreshadowing the crucifixion in the figure of the Christ child.” Beauty in the human body and spirit illuminates off of all his sculptures, thanks to his exceptional use of form, expression and gesture. While he does a variety of work, 3,000 years of Western civilization and a firm spiritual theme can be seen in a vast majority of his sculptures.

Maher has an amazing ability to bring out truths of human emotion and the pre-eminent role of the human figure. Sculpting since 1989, he has developed great ability working with bronze. The sculptures seem to be filled with life, as if the human spirit lives in each one of his pieces. Creating that sense of emotion in people is what drives Maher. “I want to find a way of expressing profound emotions so that others may understand,” he says. “I want people to be moved emotionally.”

Born to a ranching family in Pierre, S.D., Maher moved to Colorado after high school and obtained degrees in Animal Science and Equine Physiology. It was after he obtained his degrees that he began his career as a quarter horse breeder. Eventually, a life-long interest became his new passion. In 1989 he created his first bronze sculpture and has not looked back since. It is clear to see that the human figure and spirit emanates from his work, but when asked how his artwork represents himself as a person, Maher responded, “That’s something for a psychologist to figure out.”