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Seeing in the Dark - SculptureWalk 2013-14

Sculpture Details

Seeing in the Dark by Martin EichingerSculpture Title: "Seeing in the Dark"

Artist: Martin Eichinger

Location: O'Gorman Performing Arts Center

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 17

Sculpture Walk Season: 2013-14

Martin Eichinger - Interview

Though he has sculpted for over 50 years, Martin Eichinger insists he is still learning and exploring his depths within art. Even today, he fully credits his junior high art class instructor, Mr. Hops, of Jefferson Intermediate in Midland, Mich., for igniting a fiery passion for chiseling stories and dialogue. Eichinger said he empowers his art to participate in discussion with viewers when he isn’t present. “My artwork doesn’t represent me. It is me.”

At Michigan State University in Lansing, Eichinger enrolled in post-graduate sculpture studies. He also absorbed countless independent studies in Europe. “The contemporary Shakespearian drama that we are all living through right now is plenty inspiration for me. I studied the classics, but I’m not a classical artist. I prefer ‘romantic, narrative sculptor’ to define me. ‘Contemporary?’ I am inspired by the story of now and I certainly am not dead.”

“Seeing in the Dark” shows a goddess of mixed third world cultures with her faithful owl, a common symbol in mythic lore of these heritages. Her defensive posture and look expressions her concern for her threatened culture. However, perhaps the owl can see into the future? “Together, they represent insightful wisdom and power wrapped in cautious silence.”

“I want them to see more than an ‘aesthetic statement’ before them. They have a ‘heart statement’ in front of them. The pinnacle of that takeaway is when I see a tear or an unsolicited smile while someone is having a private moment with one of my sculptures.”