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Somersault - SculptureWalk 2013-14

Sculpture Details

Somersault by Shohini GhoshSculpture Title: "Somersault"

Artist: Shohini Ghosh

Location: Plaza 4, First Floor Lobby

Amount: $1,500

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 6

Sculpture Walk Season: 2013-14

Shohini Ghosh - Interview

Sculptor Shohini Ghosh credits a visit to the circus as an inspiration for his sculpture, “Somersault.” He reflects back, “I was visiting a local circus with my 18 month-old daughter and my 70 year-old dad,” he says. “The unadulterated excitement on both of their faces after the clown act has been the essences of this clown series ever since.”

Ghosh considers his clown series one of the three topics he likes to develop. However, the style of each piece stays consistent with his unique style of sculpting. “My style could be best described as a combination of a naturalistic style and a more structured impressionist style called ‘Synthetism’.” While his art has a consistent style, Ghosh wants viewers to see his work in their own unique way; their own interpretation. “I would love to have my viewers create their own rapport with my sculptures,” he says. “An experience that they will remember.”

The sculpture, which was created with bronze, stands at 15 inches tall and expresses the story and the excitement of a circus act, which was always a goal for Ghosh. “I love to create a story… a so called narrative within my sculptures,” he says. “Each of my sculptures has a movement illustrated in it. It is a captured fleeting moment of fun.”

Ghosh graduated from art college in 1993 from the University of Mumbai. Five years later he joined the Glassel College of Art in Houston, Tx., as a studio artist. Shortly after, he moved to Denver and has been a professional sculptor ever since. As a very passionate artist, his works have been seen in exhibits all over the world, including, summer art festivals in Colorado, New Mexico and California. He has also installed monumental size sculptures around the United States, India and China. To Ghosh, there is nothing better than creating art for the world to see. “My artwork is a direct expression of my feelings and thoughts,” he says. “That describes me as a very honest and passionate person excited about life and its beauty that surrounds me and gives me glimpses of a perfect world now and again.”