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Ta Ha Pe Han - SculptureWalk 2013-14

Sculpture Details

Ta Ha Pe Han by Ray KobaldSculpture Title: "Ta Ha Pe Han"

Artist: Ray Kobald

Location: Prairie Center, East River

Amount: $12,500

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 59 x 10 x 12

Sculpture Walk Season: 2013-14

Ray Kobald - Interview

When it comes to creating his sculptures, Ray Kobald isn’t just creating art, he’s telling a story. Kobald’s work draws you in, tempting you to unravel the mystery and the message he is portraying through his art. Born and raised in St. Charles, Illinois, he is a nationally known and demanded sculptor. His work has been purchased across the country, whether complementing a courtyard or purchased for a private collection.

Kobald earned a degree in Industrial Art and Design with a minor in Fine Arts from Bradley University. Soon after, he continued his education studying Fine Arts at Northern Illinois University. While working on his own pieces, he taught art for many years. Finally, he completed his Master of Fine Arts at the Instituto Allende, part of the University of Guanajuata in Mexico. Most of his influence comes from Mexican archaeology and the powerful colors and spirited art of the country.

The sculpture, which is made entirely out of bronze and stands 59 inches tall, is a simply majestic visual of a young Native American. When asked what his inspiration was for this sculpture, Kobald responded, “To tell the story of a young brave and his sandhill crane.” He tells stories within his art and in this piece he wants the viewers to visualize “deep thoughts, life, and honor.”

For some artists it’s the visuals and the beauty of the art that motivates them. For Kobald, it’s the joy of telling a story, bringing a piece to life, and delivering a message that everyone can see in his sculptures. The one thing that truly motivates him is “to tell new stories.”