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Employee Assistance Program - EAP

Avera Professional Plaza
2412 S. Cliff Avenue, Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Supervisory Development Training

Programs geared to teach, develop, and enhance knowledge and professional skills in areas such as diversity in the workplace, change management, communication, performance management, team building and much more.

Employee Enrichment Workshops

Programs geared toward educating employees on work/life issues and providing enrichment in areas such as balancing work and home, beating burnout, dealing with difficult people, managing stress and a variety of other topic areas.

Avera Leadership Academy

Avera Leadership Academy
Signature Learning Series

Leaders today know leading and motivating increasingly diverse teams requires a different skill set than those employed by organizational leaders of the past.  Employees no longer accept command-and-control leadership.  Leaders no longer dictate; they win the team over and inspire followers to become leaders themselves.

In getting valued employees on board to competently share responsibilities, vision and commitment, companies must continually invest in their team's leadership development.  Effective leadership doesn't just happen; a thriving culture does not evolve on its own.  This professional leadership series will build upon successful leadership strategies of the past, but more important, will introduce results-based better practices to help individuals, teams and organizations succeed and grow in an ever-changing, competitive business world.

Learn more about this series and how to register.

Need to set up an EAP Appointment?

If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, email or call 605-322-4069 or
1-800-527-9394 to reach Avera EAP.

Avera Behavioral Health Center

We are proud to be the region’s leader in behavioral health care.

ABHC details

Avera Behavioral Health Center provides excellent care through passionate staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest treatment methods. Learn more »

Health Information

Your source for health events, illustrated encyclopedia, care centers and wellness tools.

Health information details

You'll find general information from trustworthy sources about hundreds of health topics. Includes diseases and conditions, symptoms, tests, surgeries, and more. Learn more »

Summary of Benefits & Coverage Glossary

Access a complete listing of glossary terms from the Summary of Benefits and Coverage Glossary.

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