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Infectious Disease and Infection Control

Our infectious disease specialists work with the departments and clinics throughout the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center family to make sure your illness is treated with the most comprehensive or specific care necessary.

We also realize the importance of maintaining a safe environment at our facilities. Two onsite infection control nurses work to ensure infectious organisms and materials do not spread from person to person. Our staff is equipped with safety materials for protection and all precautions are taken to prevent the transfer of organisms between all patients, staff and visitors.

Our Infectious Disease Specialists

Avera McKennan works with infectious disease experts in the area. These specialists use their extensive experience and the latest techniques to make an accurate diagnosis and act to cure or control your illness.

About Infectious Diseases

The classification "infectious disease" generally refers to any illness caused by organisms entering the body and growing or multiplying after gaining entrance. Specifically, this includes illnesses such as West Nile Virus, malaria, SARS and tuberculosis.

Diseases usually originate in one region of the world but are often transferred through people, animals or food traveling over long distances. Some infectious diseases - like malaria - were a major concern in the United States over half a century ago but no longer pose threat. However, new ones like West Nile Virus have emerged in recent years.