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Surgery Maps and Directions

Whether you are scheduled for inpatient (longer-term stay) or outpatient surgery (same-day surgery), the directions on this page can help you arrive at the right place. Please review the surgery instructions and location information provided by your doctor or the hospital before traveling for your surgery.

Same Day Surgery

Most outpatient surgeries take place at the Avera Surgery Center located on the fourth floor of the Prairie Center.

Driving Directions to the Avera Surgery Center

Avera Surgery Center
1000 E 23rd Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  • Take I-29 North to I-229, Exit 75
  • Take I-229 to Cliff Avenue, Exit 4
  • Turn left on Cliff Avenue and drive straight north
  • Turn left on 23rd Street


  • From I-90, take Cliff Ave., Exit 399, and drive straight south


  • Take I-229 South on 10th Street, Exit 6
  • Turn right on 10th Street and drive to Cliff Avenue
  • Turn left on Cliff Avenue and drive south
  • Turn right on 23rd Street

Valet parking is available for the Avera Surgery Center patients and families accessible from 23rd Street. Please proceed to the facility where your procedure is scheduled for valet service. Avera McKennan campus also has three parking lots between 24th and 23rd Street for your convenience.

Inpatient Surgery

Inpatient surgeries typically involve at least a two-day hospital stay. These surgeries take place within the main hospital building. Patients are instructed to arrive at a specific time prior to their surgery to finalize the registration process. Please refer to the instructions given to you by your doctor's office, surgeon or other healthcare provider prior to your surgery.

View driving directions and a map for Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center.