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Shadowless, Glare-free Lighting

shadowless lighting

The Avera Surgery Center is equipped with Berchtold Chromophare E-Series surgical lights, which combine the three current lighting technologies: LED (light-emitting diode), HID (high-intensity discharge) and halogen.

Each of the many LEDs in surgical lights is backed by a specially developed reflector system, and cold and warm white LEDs are specially arranged. This creates shadowless, glare-free and reflection-free light for optimal views, and less eye fatigue for surgeons. With just a touch, staff can adjust light field, lighting intensity and color temperatures. While halogen lighting has long been used in surgery for its intensity, newer technologies are cooler and more efficient.

Specialized, low-intensity green lights can be switched on in place of white lighting in order to better visualize surgical monitors where surgeons view camera images during procedures such as laparoscopy or arthroscopy.