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Real Heroes Fight!

1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. It’s time to fight! Click on the videos below to hear stories and advice from the Pink Ladies and why Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is committed to the fight.







Breast Health Resources

Breast Self-Exam

Regularly examining your breasts on your own can be an important way to find breast cancer early, when it's more likely to be treated successfully. Not every cancer can be found with Breast Self-Exams, but it is a critical step you can and should take for yourself.

Download a flyer to learn how to perform a Breast Self-Exam

    Breast Cancer Prevention

    One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in life. While there is no guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer, every woman can take steps to lower her risk:

    • Make screening your routine: Do monthly breast self-exams, get yearly clinical breast exams, and if over 40, yearly mammograms. To schedule a mammogram, call 322-PINK (7465).
    • Watch your weight: Obesity increases the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer, as does weight gain during adulthood.
    • Keep moving: Studies show that regular physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer. Exercise 45-60 minutes for five or more days each week.
    • Think before you drink: Alcohol is consistently associated with increased breast cancer risk. Studies show that two drinks a day may increase breast cancer risk.
    • Discuss lifestyle choices with your health care provider: If you're considering the use of hormone replacement therapy, discuss the risks and benefits with your health care provider.

    Breast Cancer Risks

    The cause of breast cancer has not been determined, but there are certain factors that increase your risk for breast cancer. Some risk factors you cannot control. Having one of these risk factors does not mean you will get breast cancer.

    Things You Can't Control

    The following are risk factors you cannot control:

    • Age: Your risk increases as you age.
    • Gender: Women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer than men.
    • Family History: If there's a close relative that has breast, uterine, ovarian or colon cancer, you are at a higher risk for breast cancer. About 20 to 30 percent of women with breast cancer have a family history of the disease.
    • Genes: Genetics can make women more prone to developing breast cancer. If the gene is passed on from a parent to you, then your risk for breast cancer increases.
    • Menstrual Cycle: Women who reach puberty before age 12 or go through menopause after age 55 have an increased risk for breast cancer.

    Things You Can Control

    Not all risk factors for breast cancer are beyond your control. Here are risk factors that you can control:

    • Childbirth: Women who never have children or who have them after age 30 have an increased risk of breast cancer. Being pregnant more that once or at an early age reduces your risk of breast cancer.
    • Obesity: The link between obesity and breast cancer is controversial, but the theory is that obese women produce more estrogen, which can fuel the development of breast cancer.
    • Radiation: Receiving radiation therapy in the chest area as a child or young adult can increase the risk of breast cancer.
    • Alcohol Use: If you drink more than one to two glasses of alcohol a day, it may increase your risk for breast cancer.

    There is no evidence of a direct link between breast cancer and pesticides. Using antiperspirants, wearing underwire bras or having breast implants does not raise your risk for breast cancer.

    Digital Mammography

    Clearer, state-of-the-art images of the breast mean better diagnosis and better treatment. According to the National Cancer Institute, as a screening measure, digital mammography detects 15 - 28% more breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue or who are younger than age 50.

    Digital mammography provides enhanced visual detail of any breast type including augmented breasts. It also reduces the procedure time by as much as 50%, when compared to conventional mammography and eliminates the use of nipple markers which cause some discomfort post procedure.

    When it comes to diagnosing breast cancer, early detection is the key for the best outcome. Getting your mammogram at the Avera Breast Center means access to:

    • THE BEST VIEW: Our full-field digital mammography provides a more enhanced and detailed image of the breast for greater effectiveness at early detection.
    • THE BEST IN COMFORT: The gentle cushion of the MammoPad® provides a softer, warmer point of contact between you and the mammography unit.
    • THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) and breast MRI utilizing advanced 3 Tesla MRI provides the clearest possible images available through today's technology, when additional testing is needed.
    • THE AVERA SYSTEM OF STRENGTH: The Avera Breast Center is just one aspect of Avera's commitment to women's health issues. Choosing care at the Avera Breast Center means you become part of our comprehensive system of strength, compassion and healing.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Events

    Think Pink Promotions

    Say "Pink!" Harold's Photo Think Pink Collection
    Join Harold's Photo in the fight against breast cancer by shopping their Think Pink Collection. Personalized bracelets, keychains, notepads, jersey scarves, bottle cap magnets, necklaces, bookmarks, house flags and much more! A portion of proceeds benefit the Avera Cancer Institute. Start shopping today »

    Ambiance Salon Think Pink Promotion
    Please join us in the fight against cancer! Ten percent of all retail purchased at Ambience Salon in September and October will benefit patients and families at the Avera Cancer Institute. Click here for more information >>

    Caribou Cares for Cancer
    In remembrance of Amy, the first and founding roast master for Caribou Coffee, ten percent of all “Amy’s Blend” coffee will benefit local breast cancer survivors and their families. Stop by either of the two Sioux Falls locations for a pick-me-up the helps others. Caribou will also be coordinating a donation drive where you can donate 1 lb. of Amy’s Blend coffee to be distributed to patients undergoing treatment at the Avera Cancer Institute. Learn more >>

    Avera Think Pink Kits
    Attention ladies! Are you attending or hosting a gathering of gals? If so, reserve you Avera Think Pink Kit today! Have fun while spreading the word to promote breast health awareness. To reserve your kit or for more information, please contact Sara in the Avera Cancer Institute administration office at (605) 322-3276.

    Call 322-PINK to schedule your mammogram.

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