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Breast Health Navigation Services

Breast Health NavigatorsL to R: Alyssa Anderson, CNP; Michelle Ecklein, RT(R)(M), CN-BI; Nancy Terveen, CNP, CN-BP; Rhonda Engebretson, RT(R)(M)(CT), CN-BI

When you need directions, it's best to ask someone who knows the way. That's why we team each of our patients with a certified nurse navigator, who serves as a knowledgeable, supportive guide for patients from the time of initial imaging finding to diagnosis through treatment to follow-up care.

“As one constant during treatment, a breast health navigator is someone who can help answer questions or clarify information for the patient,” said Nancy Terveen, CNP, CN-BP.

The navigator provides education and support for decision making in every phase of your imaging needs and treatment. When you talk with your navigator, you can feel confident she is committed to understanding your unique needs and assisting you during your specific care plan.

Discussions with their navigator allow patients to weigh treatment options in a compassionate environment with a professional who has extensive experience in such consultations.

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