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Meet the Avera Think Pink Ladies

A group of breast cancer survivors wanted to share their feelings about living after cancer, treatment and the support that friends and family provide.

They also share their thoughts on the Avera Race and why they think it is important in the ongoing fight against breast cancer. Click on a name below to learn more about these inspirational survivors.

*In Loving Memory

Nominations Accepted for Avera Think Pink Ladies

The Avera McKennan Foundation is seeking survivors to be one of the 2016 Avera Think Pink Ladies. This united group of survivors has a mission to share their personal story to inspire and raise awareness. By coming forward with their experiences, women are reminded to schedule regular breast exams while offering strength, support and encouragement for the community. They also have the opportunity to volunteer for various events including the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer.

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To be considered, all forms must be submitted by August 28. Please email Jean Snyders, Avera Think Pink Lady, at for more information.