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My Avera Story

At Avera, you're in good hands in any emergency, anytime, anywhere. Learn about Avera's remarkable care straight from our patients.

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  • Miracle Morgan

    Morgan Johnson
    Beaver Creek, Minn.

    My Story

  • It Could Have Been Worse

    Larry Hoffman
    Gretna, Neb.

    My Story

  • Another 15 - 20 minutes and I would have been dead

    Davey Lundberg
    Ivanhoe, Minn.

    My Story

  • My Coworker Thought I Was Dead

    Orman 'Morrie' Sime
    Watertown, S.D.

    My Story

  • Quinn Ossanna

    I Thought I Was Going to Lose Him

    Quinn Ossanna
    Watertown, S.D.

    My Story

  • Jason Semmler

    I Was 41 Years Old
    and Having a Stroke

    Jason Semmler
    Parkston, S.D.

    My Story My Video

  • Neil Rommereim

    My "Widow Maker"
    Was Blocked

    Neil Rommereim
    De Smet, S.D.

    My Story My Video

  • Ava and Heather Mosley

    She Landed 30 Feet
    From Her Shoes

    Heather and Ava Mosley
    Creighton, Neb.

    My Story My Video

  • watch sherrece and trinity’s story

    Our Family Portrait
    Almost Didn't Happen

    Sherrece and Trinity Zimmerman
    Ashley, N.D.

    My Story My Video

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