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Platte Health Center Avera

601 E. 7th Street
Platte, SD 57369-0200

About Platte Health Center Avera

Platte Health Center Avera, established in 1949 by the Platte community, was formerly known as Platte Community Memorial Hospital. The seventeen-bed facility offers private patient rooms.

Platte Health Center Avera employs more than 180 employees in our hospital, long-term care, congregate living and clinic divisions.

In addition to offering total patient care, Platte Health Center Avera is proud to offer state-of-the-art technology to support our medical and hospital staff.  We also provide innovative technology applications leveraged by highly trained staff with eCare® services, which include eICU, ePharmacy, eConsult and eUltrasound. Through a growing telecommunications network, we offer video teleconferencing for educational and medical services. We also extend our mission in the region through mobile outreach programs. We also provide local health care specialists visits right here in Platte saving our patients time and travel expenses.

We are committed to meeting the health care needs by serving the people of Platte and surrounding area.

Our History


A group of individuals met on March 22, 1946 to form a committee to raise funds to start a hospital in Platte, SD.


They heard of an individual in Platte who had their house for sale for $11,000. When contacting her, she agreed to sell the house for $10,500. Eleven acres of land were included with the house. Each member of the committee agreed to donate $500. A public meeting was held on September 22, 1947 and 100 farmers and town people turned out. They were told that the property would be turned over to the community if it was decided that it would be made into a hospital. Those in attendance voted to go ahead with the project and have the eleven men who bought the house act as the temporary board until a permanent board was elected. It was decided to raise $35,000 to remodel the house into a hospital. Solicitors were chose and about 75 of them went out and solicited and in a few days had raised $36,454.89. These were all cash donations, no pledges.


October 20, 1949 was set for the grand opening of the Platte Community Memorial Hospital. It was supervised by Mr. Bob Beckwith, Administrator of the Community Hospital in Chamberlain, SD.

1961 - 1970

After various hospital remodeling projects, in 1961, citizens of this community began to show interest concerning the necessity of a new hospital. In June 1969, construction began and July 1, 1970, a new 27-bed hospital opened its doors to the Platte community and surrounding areas.

1974 - 1975

In 1974 construction began on a new eight-bed addition to the existing nursing home and by January 1, 1975, this new addition became operational and was filled on the very same day.


In 1992, we purchased the Dental Clinic from Norma Deadrick which we then leased to Dr. Lance Griese. In this same year the Platte Family Medical Clinic became a Rural Health Clinic.

1994 - 1995

In 1994, our hospital signed a management contract with Queen of Peace. In 1995 we opened a clinic in Geddes, SD with Janice Schuman as the PA. Then in 1996 we added an addition onto the Dental Clinic. The Hospital became an RPCH (Rural Primary Care Hospital).


In 1997 an addition and remodeling was done to the old medical clinic adjacent to the hospital and moved the Platte Family Medical Clinic from across the street to the newly remodeled building. We also purchased the Gentle Touch Congregate Living Center in the same year.


In 1998, we changed our hospital name to Platte Health Center/Avera Health, the Platte Family Medical Clinic to Platte Medical Clinic, the Nursing Home to Platte Care Center and the Geddes Clinic to Geddes Medical Clinic. Also that year we built a new Emergency Room entrance and moved our ER to the new area.


In 1999, our Hospital became a CAH (Critical Access Hospital). In 2000, we added a CT Scanner which is housed in the old ER area which was remodeled for this purpose. We also built an addition to the front of the Hospital and Care Center which includes an extension to the Dining Room, a remodel of the existing kitchen, a family room for residents and their families, and three offices.

Our Hospital was financed completely through donations of people of Platte and those in the surrounding area.

2004 - 2009

In 2004 the hospital board of directors held a retreat to begin long-range planning for the facility. In 2006, the board unanimously passed a motion to move ahead on the hospital addition. The $9 million addition was funded through a USDA finance method. Also, in 2006 an endowment campaign began "Invest Today For Tomorrow's Health". A committee was formed and the campaign began.  Through generous pledges from the community and surrounding areas the endowment campaign thrived to almost 2 million dollars. In 2007 construction began on the hospital. The final phase of the project was completed in 2009.

In the short history of the Platte Health Center, Platte Medical Clinic, Geddes Medical Clinic, Platte Care Center and Gentle Touch, it is most evident that the strong community support which has been given has been the most important factor in bringing this facility to where it is today.

Our Mission

Avera is a Health Ministry rooted in the Gospel.  Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian Values.

Our Vision

Working with its partners, Avera shall provide a quality cost-effective health ministry which reflects Gospel values.  We shall improve the health care of the people we serve through a regionally integrated network of persons and institutions. 

Our Values

In caring together for life, the Avera community is guided by the gospel values of compassion, hospitality and stewardship.