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Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community

4513 Prince of Peace Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
(605) 322-5600

Resident Stories

Resident Stories

Floyd Smith

Husband Finds Art of Living at Avera Prince of Peace

Floyd Smith

Despite having a busy schedule at Avera Prince of Peace, Floyd has had no problem whittling in time to carve. However, he found so much more in Avera Prince of Peace’s art room than a waiting block of timber. He discovered a second family with a spirit for art, interests and carving wood.

Woodcarving at Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community allows Floyd Smith to catch up with friends in the community’s art room every Tuesday and Thursday. "I'm a people-person," Floyd, 74, said. "I’m outgoing."

His favorite pastimes have enriched his life on both a social and natural scale. In the last decade, woodcarving is just another leaf Floyd has cultivated onto his branch of hobbies. Hunting, fishing and volunteering over the years created a sense of activity, engagement and purpose in his life.

Three years ago, Floyd moved to Avera Prince of Peace with his wife, Charla, of 54 years. Floyd, a Sioux Falls native, met Charla in high school and they had two children. Their son resides in Sioux Falls while their daughter lives in Paris, France.

Floyd is no stranger to Avera; he has been a member of the Avera family for 32 years. Before retiring, he worked in the Avera McKennan Collections office and the Accounts Receivable office.

One thing Floyd would like people to know about Avera Prince of Peace? "People think Avera is only for Catholics," he says. "Nobody asks what religion I am. We are Presbyterian. It’s for anyone!"

Floyd attends social gatherings, entertainment features and long talks with friends over coffee.

"It is nice to know people are here within minutes if we need them," he said of the Avera Prince of Peace staff and community. "It’s like a little family."

Max and Carol

We Found Our Groove

Max and Carol - Life Together

Life Together

Bridge, faith and dancing have always been a part of Max & Carol's life. They found that and so much more when they chose Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community.

When Max and Carol decided to sell their condo in Nebraska and move into a retirement community, they knew they needed to feel absolute peace about their new home. And after touring five retirement communities and visiting Prince of Peace three times, they knew they had found the right place for them. "We simply had the best feeling here. It’s a place to enrich our spiritual lives and a great place to meet new people, play some bridge and enjoy the dance, so to speak," says Max. It also helped that, according to Max, "it was the best value for our money."

Max and Carol, who have lived at Prince of Peace for almost four years, are editors and publishers of the local "BridgeBuilders Newsletter" and take it upon themselves to organize games and tournaments, but also enjoy teaching other residents how to play the "toughest card game to teach," says Carol.

Just because they are in a retirement community doesn’t mean Max, 82 and Carol, 80 are slowing down. "There is plenty to do," says Carol. Max agrees. "If people are bored, it’s because they choose to be." The couple is adamant about making appointments in the afternoon, since their mornings are occupied with Chapel duties. Max is a lector and sacristan; Carol a minister of Holy Communion. Their afternoons, when not at other appointments, are divided between bingo, jigsaw puzzles, socializing, and of course, cutting a rug in the main social area.

"We didn’t want to wait for a doctor to make the decision for us," Max explains. "We wanted to make our own choice about where we lived before we got sick and the decision was made for us." Max continues, "I don’t subscribe to the theory of staying in your home for as long as possible. Prince of Peace Independent Living is where we’ve found our groove."