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Avera Queen of Peace Cancer Center

605 North Foster
Mitchell, SD 57301

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Avera Queen of Peace Cancer Center. 

Cancer Center


"Welcome to the Avera Queen of Peace Cancer Center. Our cancer team will help provide you with the best care possible and develop an individualized care plan for your cancer treatment."


"The lobby has a waiting area with a TV, snacks and coffee. There is also an area for children to play while they wait."

Conference Room

"This is our conference room/break room. We have drug representatives come two to three times a week that give us little educational presentations about the drugs they specialize in. And plus we also use it as a break room for the employees."

Treatment Areas

Exam Room

"This is one of four exam rooms that the doctors use daily. In each exam room we have a computer for the doctors to use."

Blood Panels Room

"This is the laboratory where we draw blood. This is the first stop for the cancer treatment process. We check the blood here for CBCs we can do here and chemistries. The chemistries will check the liver and kidney functions. The CBCs we check for the white counts. The white counts, if they are low, they will not be able to get treatment and that means they are more susceptible to infections. And if they are too high, they could possibly have an infection and we need to see what's going on with that. We also check their hemaglobin here and that will tell us if they are anemic and in need of transfusions. And tells us if the patient is able to get treatment or not. Any other tests that we do, we have to send to the hospital in which the hospital is conjoined right here to the clinic."

Chemotherapy Room

"Here is our chemo treatment room. This is where we administer our chemo and our IV fluids. The patients have their own TV and their own recliner. We have six chairs with two more in a private suite."

Images/Dosage Lab

"In dosemitry, we use the information and images gathered from the CT simulation to do the treatment planning where the doctor gives us the tumor volume and we use our computers to decide which energies to use to treat that tumor and spare the normal tissue around the treatment area."


CT Scanner

"This is our CT simulation room. The patient comes in here before they start treatments and we do a CT scan. We start by making an immobilization device, which we suck the air out of this bean-bag and use it as a model of how they are laying which helps them remain in the same-exact position everyday for treatment. Once we do the CT scan, Doctor can localize exactly where he wants the radiation to be aimed. And from there we make tattoos in that spot. Once we are done with the tattoos, the scan is sent over to dosemitry for treatment planning. Once that is done, the patient begins their treatment."

Radiation Machine

"This is the linear accelerator room where we give the patients their radiation treatments."

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Anwarul Haq

"My name is Anwarul Haq. I specialize in cancer treatment and blood disorders. I was taught in New York, then moved to Mitchell about 15 years ago. I treat cancers such as breast, lung, colon, ovarian, endometrial, bone, brain. We use the chemo treatment through IV infusion. We have six chairs in the chemo room where patients have a comfortable atmosphere and we give them all the privacy they want. We treat each patient as a person, with dignity, respect and privacy. We treat every patient with quality cancer care using team approach. Our team includes surgeons, radiologists, pathology, medical oncologist and radiation encologist. We make decisions about every patient and give the best possible cancer care close to home. I like working here because of team approach because everybody works together and we make a combined decision for each patient. We meet every month as a team where we present each case. Quality cancer care is a priority to my patients and to my practice."

Dr. Stephen Dick

"Hello, my name is Stephen Dick. I am the radiation oncologist at the Avera Queen of Peace Cancer Center in Mitchell, SD. I have been here for about four years. I did my residency and training at the University of Oklahoma, and did my fellowship training in New York Hospital Cornell University Medical Center in New York and I am a board certified radiation oncologist. Radiation therapy uses high energy x-rays to shrink tumors and to kill cancer cells. The way radiation therapy works is that it damages the DNA in the cancer cells to prevent it from dividing and reproducing. Normal cells can repair damages caused by radiation therapy. Cancer cells have some defects and they are not able to repair the damages cause by radiation and eventually will die out. I think the key word is team, it is really a team effort here at Avera Queen of Peace. All the patients are discussed weekly at what we call chart round. Each patient is reviewed to see if there are any problems we need to help the patients with. And Patients are discussed at a monthly tumor board, that is a multidiscplinary meeting, where the best treatment plan is decided on for each patient. I enjoy working here because it is a friendly atmosphere. I'm working with highly trained and motivated people. We really have one goal in mind and that is improving the health care of our patients."