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Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell

525 N Foster
Mitchell, SD 57301
Phone: 605-995-5701
Fax: 605-995-5700

Employer Information

Employer Information

Occupational Health DP Informer

For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell at (605) 995-5701, or e-mail Occupational Medicine

DP LiveAvera Occupational Medicine is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. With the addition of DP Informer and DP Live to our current services, we provide real-time access to test results, donor information, pool lists, and collection site information, as well as automated faxing and/or e-mailing of drug and alcohol results.

Benefits from using DP Informer :

DP Informer is an automated system that simplifies the process of reporting drug and alcohol results to our substance abuse program clients. With the implementation of DP Informer Avera Occupational Medicine has gained the capabilities to e-mail drug and alcohol results in a secure manner, as well as, simplify the process for faxing results.

  • When faxing results, if DP Informer identifies that you fax is busy it will automatically continue to send the result information.
  • With e-mail, there is never a busy signal and the message is transmitted directly to the employer representative.
  • Secure! E-mailed test results are PGP encrypted and password protected.