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Clinic Receptionist


In today's edition of "Get to Know" the spotlight turns to Lavonne, one of Avera Occupational Medicine's outstanding receptionists. 

Lavonne was born in Buhl, Idaho; however, she spent most of her childhood years growing up in Mitchell. Lavonne graduated from Mitchell High School and earned an Associates of Arts degree in Office Administration from Northern State College in Aberdeen. 

Lavonne has been a member of the Avera Occupational Medicine Team since 2006. 

On the home-front you might find Lavonne at a fast pitch softball game cheering on one of her three daughters or taking in a new novel.

Get to Know Lavonne...

What is your favorite food? 
Just One?!

If you do volunteer work; tell us a little bit about what you do and why. 
I volunteer at my church serving off and on in various committees and singing with our Praise Team Band. 

What keeps you going during the day?
Diet Coke!


If you could have any pet, what would it be?  
A hairless cat that doesn’t pee.

What would be your dream vacation?
Time off work with nothing to do… no worries,  no phones!

M & M’s or Skittles? 
M&M’s  (peanut of course!)

You are leaving the airport and there is a taxi and a limo both at the same price. Which do you choose? 
No brainer… limo.

Would you rather sleep in an extra hour or watch the news in the morning? 
SLEEP! Absolutely SLEEP!

Who drinks the most caffeine in the office?  
I do. I just don’t tell anybody!

What do you do on Saturdays? 
If I’m not working or at a softball tournament, then I’m doing yard work, laundry or cleaning. Sometimes all of the above.

Favorite place to eat in Sioux Falls/Mitchell?  
Sioux Falls – Johnny Carinos   
Mitchell – Corona Village

Describe yourself in 3 words.  
Loyal, honest, sense of humor

What do you like best about working for Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell?  
Being a part of something that is constantly growing, changing and getting better every day is exciting. The feedback we get from people who have used our services is so can’t help but be proud to be a part of it!