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Worksite Nurse

Shannon FagerhaugShannon grew up in the southern part of the state. She has always had a passion for working with horses and spent most of her summers competing in rodeo events around the state. She attended college in Brookings at SDSU. Her intention was to go into veterinary school and she spent the first three years of her college career dedicated to this goal. She competed on the SDSU Rodeo Team, which is where she met her husband. She was also involved in the SDSU Concert Choir and drama department. During her junior year of college she realized veterinary school may not allow her to have the life she intended to live, at least not without a lot of stress and odd hours, so she changed her major to nursing (absolutely no stress and odd hours??!!). She ultimately graduated with a B.S. in Nursing and a minor in Music. Shannon received her first job at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital where she worked for three years as a night nurse on the Surgical/ Pediatrics unit.  Then the opportunity arose to transfer to Avera Occupational Medicine...which Shannon admits "I had no idea what I was getting myself into..."

Shannon is a Worksite Nurse; hence, that is why she spends most of her time at local businesses sporting the most fashionable hairnets, steel-toed shoes, and ear plugs. While at the workplace Shannon assists companies with on-site nursing care, OSHA-mandated testing, ergonomic evaluations, and much more. Shannon enjoys the hands on approach to her position. Providing on-site services offers the opportunity to relate with employees and support management in creating a healthy and productive work environment.

When Shannon is not at work, she and her family enjoy traveling to rodeo events within surrounding states.

Now on to the important stuff...

Favorite Food?
Pasta, anything smothered in marinara and parmesan cheese.
Volunteer work?
Volunteers as a parish nurse, it gives her an opportunity to extend her experience past work.
What keeps you going thru the day?
Coffee in the am, water after lunch. An occasional pop thrown in there for good measure.
Playing with horses in the rodeo arena. We raise horses and cattle and have tried our hand at raising dogs and cats as well. We did have a few chicks for a couple of days, but decided they just weren’t for us…  Most of our time is spent on the road traveling to exotic destinations within the Dakota Territory. Actually it is more like dirty rodeo grounds with less than desirable bathroom facilities…
If you could have any pet, what would it be?
I had a ferret in high school. They are great pets. Stinky and ornery, but so lovable…
Dream vacation?
Italy, probably Venice and Rome.  Most likely without toddlers, maybe some sleep…
M&M’s or Skittles?
Skittles, love to “Taste the Rainbow"
Taxi or Limo?
Limo all the way.  I mean how often do you get to ride in a limo???
Sleep an extra hour, or watch the news?
I enjoy knowing what has happened in the world while I sleep.  Like it will really matter much...  So, I pick the news.
Most caffeine in the office?
Well we know it’s not Mindy, because she has a “shaking problem” shortly after. I think it must be those early morning Dew drinkers, aka: Janel and often times Annie or Lavonne.
Worst music taste?
Not so sure about this, but I do know most of us prefer different types. Annie was the only one that I know of that attended the bad 80s band concert and enjoyed it!!!
Muffins or pancakes?
Perkins muffins. Not like I get them very often, but they are quite the treat!
What do you do on Saturdays?
If the weather is nice I am traveling down the road with a horse trailer in tow.  If not, I’m most likely cleaning house. I prefer the warm weather, if you get my drift…
Favorite place to eat?
Love Spezia, Olive Garden, or Johnny Carinos. Too bad none of them are found within a 100 mile radius of me…
Yourself in 3 words?
Fun, Responsible (can those go together?), and Smart
Favorite movie?
Love Elf all times of the year…
What do you like best about working for Avera Medical Group Occupational Medicine - Mitchell?
The level of commitment and expertise that is found within our department is unmatched by anyone else in this area. We are never scared to take on a challenge and produce incomparable results. We work hard for our clients and enjoy doing it!