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Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell

525 N Foster
Mitchell, SD 57301
Phone: 605-995-5701
Fax: 605-995-5700

Occupational Medicine Services

Using the expertise of dedicated health care professionals and state of the art equipment, Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell offers you, the employer, the highest possible level of service and the opportunity to develop customized health programs for business and industry.

Here to Serve You

Avera Occupational Medicine was formed in 1999 when community employers requested comprehensive services to keep employees healthy and safe. Since then, we have partnered with businesses of all sizes to provide prompt medical treatment for work-related injuries, rehabilitation, job-safety, health education, health regulation services and injury prevention programs.

Occupational Medicine Physical Exams

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For more information, contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at 605-995-5701, or e-mail.

Quality and Convenience

Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell offers medical exams designed to fit the nuances of nearly any business or organization. We manage all exam activities, from determining eligibility and monitoring when exams are due, to scheduling and conducting them. Our health care professionals provide reviews for consistency and we report results directly to employers. Exams address all aspects of employer requirements as well as OSHA, ADA, and other regulatory agency compliance.

Specialty Exams

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Darla Edinger please call 605-995-5701.

Specialty Exams Available in Mitchell, SD

  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations
  • Second Opinions
  • Impairment ratings
  • Disability review
  • Record review
  • Prompt scheduling

Experienced Team of Professionals to Assist You

Our experienced team of professionals is committed to meeting our client’s needs and ensures a knowledgeable review by Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner, Darla Edinger, MD, CMIE, who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Care Coordination

Care CoordinationContact Us

For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at (605) 995-5701, or email.

A Safe and Swift Path Back to Work

Navigating the health care system is sometimes challenging. Nurses are available to coordinate the care of injured employees, keeping “return to work” in mind.

Our nurses are available to help you manage high-risk injuries by attending medical appointments with employees. They can facilitate your employee’s safe return to work, while keeping both the employee’s and your company’s interests at heart.  

Our goal at Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell is to be readily available to provide practical and cost-effective solutions to your employee’s health care needs. 

  • Liaison between physician and company
  • Liaison to Workers’ Compensation insurance companies and case managers
  • Employer assistance in “return to work” light duty programs

Injury Care

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For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at (605) 995-5701, or email.

Comprehensive Injury Care

Our health care professionals understand work-related health care and worker’s compensation, that’s what we do, all day, every day! We focus solely on providing health care for business and industry. By communicating directly with employers about the nature, status and prognosis of each patient, employers are no longer kept in the dark about an employee’s workability.

We provide follow-up communication every time we see an employee for a work-related visit. Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell integrates with all the specialty medical services on the Avera Queen of Peace campus to provide the medical expertise needed to get an employee back to work safely and efficiently. 

We understand that the employee has a choice in selecting a provider for work-related injury care. We work hard to be the employee’s choice, as well as the company’s preferred provider. We do this by focusing upon:

  • Direct communication with employers
  • Specialized occupational health professionals
  • Return to work emphasis
  • Team approach to injury management
  • Coordinated care from beginning to end
  • Integration with specialty medical services
  • Partnership with Emergency Services for after hours injury care

Injury Prevention

Injury PreventionContact Us

For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at (605) 995-5701, or email.

Effective Injury Protection

Diminishing the growing problem of work injuries isn’t always simple. Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell offers the convenience of local services and the expertise of licensed occupational and physical therapists trained and certified in the internationally successful WorkWell Systems. Services provided are:


  • On-Site Assessments
  • Tailored Educational Programs
  • Cost Effective Recommendations
  • Define Ergonomic Risk Factors
  • Stretching Programs

Job Site Analysis

  • Identify and measure the physical requirements of the work
  • Assess workstation design
  • Review safety guidelines and provide cost effective recommendations
  • Develop Functional Job Descriptions in accordance with the ADA
  • Pre-Work Screenings
  • Match the worker with the work
  • Provide clear indications of physical ability to perform critical job demands
  • Measure functional capabilities in accordance with the ADA

Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Assess and define an individual’s physical ability to perform a specific job or activity
  • Differentiate between pain and function
  • Provision of strong medical evidence to physician
  • Empowers worker to return to work
  • Enables significant savings in medical costs and indemnity

Worksite Services

On Site Services

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For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at 605-995-5701, or email.

Worksite Services

Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell can assist with all of your company’s on-site health needs.  Worksite services provides your company with cost-saving measures. 

Our experienced occupational medicine professionals will bring the following services to your worksite:

  • Worksite Clinics
  • Worksite Nursing Services
  • Immunizations
  • Employee and Supervisor Education 
  • Health Screenings
  • Ergonomic Consultation
  • Functional Job Analysis
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Substance Abuse Screening
  • Safety and Compliance Programs
  • Respiratory Protection
  • First Aid/CPR Training
  • Emergency Response
  • Occupational Medicine Consultation

Substance Abuse Program

On Site Services

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For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at 605-995-5701, or email.

Drug-Free Workplace

A drug-free workplace is a cost-effective way to reduce job-related injuries and employee absenteeism. Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell provides employers with a comprehensive substance abuse program, which includes:

  • Certified laboratory services
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Substance Abuse Program Administrator
  • Local and national program coordination
  • Substance abuse supervisor training
  • State and Federal law information
  • Consortium programs
  • Drug and alcohol policy program development
  • Consolidated billing for lab, collections, and MRO services
  • Real time access to test results, donor information, pool lists, and collection site information.
  • Automated faxing and/or e-mailing of drug and alcohol results

Your DP Account

The procedures for drug screening and alcohol testing follow the same stringent protocols whether you use our Occupational Medicine Clinic, our hospital Laboratory, or Emergency Services Department. Avera Queen of Peace provides one contact for substance abuse test results, regardless of where tests are performed. This assures the highest possible quality and confidentiality for collecting specimens and reporting results. In addition to our own Avera Queen of Peace collection sites, we have established relationships with collection sites throughout the United States and can assist you in finding collection sites near your job sites.

  • D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T drug and alcohol testing
  • Collections for employer designated laboratories
  • 24-hour post-accident and reasonable-cause collections
  • On-site drug and alcohol testing (pre-scheduled)
  • Instant drug testing kits available

Wellness Programs

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For more information, please contact Avera Occupational Medicine Mitchell at 605-995-5701, or email.

Healthy Employees and a Healthy Bottom Line

Avera Medical Group Occupational Medicine Mitchell customizes wellness programs to suit the needs of your company, reduce implementation costs, maximize employee participation and increase employee wellness. Avera Queen of Peace eases the task of program administration and provides high-level programs backed by medical expertise.

  • Individual health screenings
  • Avera wellness profiles
  • Health promotion consultation
  • On-site education
  • Immunizations

Comprehensive Wellness Screenings

  • Web-based Personal Lifestyle and Health Habits Questionnaire
  • Screening of height/weight, hip/waist ratio, blood pressure, cholesterol (HDL/LDL/Total), Triglycerides, Glucose, Flexibility, Grip Strength, and Body Mass Index
  • Individualized confidential wellness reports and consultations
  • Executive summary reports for a business to help determine annual wellness initiatives

Additional Information

The Avera Occupational Medicine Advantage

The Avera Occupational Medicine Advantage

Get the advantage you need to meet the health demands of today's workplace.

State-of-the-art Treatment & Technology

We offer the most up-to-date services, particularly in the area of health examinations and education, treatment of work-related accidents, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Team of Specialists

Using dedicated health care professionals, Avera Occupational Medicine offers you, the employer, the highest possible level of service and the opportunity to develop customized health programs for business and industry.

Custom Tailoring

Through careful analysis and close communication with client management, we can minimize potential injuries by understanding your needs. Not all businesses are operated the same so we strive to avoid the "boiler plate" approach.


With a client database of over 1,200, Avera Occupational Medicine is the acknowledged leader in the occupational health industry.


Work site surveillance programs or screenings are scheduled during your hours of operation.

Centralized Coordination

We serve as your liaison and coordinate services to be offered at a "one-stop shopping" location.


We provide verbal and written communication on all services provided to employees. Matters affecting employability are discussed with the company before any further action is taken.


Avera Occupational Medicine is able to provide or arrange similar services if client companies have employees throughout the state or region.


Our experience with a variety of industries provides us with invaluable insight for our client specific services and helps to avoid potential pitfalls and offer viable solutions.