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 Pregnancy and Birth

Maternal Care Center

The Maternal Care Center features three comprehensive and beautifully decorated Labor, Delivery, Recovery (LDR) suites complete with all the comforts of home.

Each of our nine private rooms has a private bathroom with shower and whirlpool.

The nursery is located next to the main nurses' station and features the HUGS® security system. We offer a pleasant, modern atmosphere and specialized care to assist mothers with the childbirth process including labor, delivery, recovery, and post-partum phases.

We have a family-friendly environment with staff dedicated to helping prepare you to take care of your newborn and answer your questions.

Approximately 560 babies are born each year at our Maternal Care Center.

Our Maternal Care Center sponsors classes several times a year to help prepare parents and families for the arrival of their baby. Please check our calendar for the schedule for Expectant Parent Classes, Childbirth Preparation, Sibling Classes, and instructions on Infant/Child CPR.

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Testimonials from some of our Moms

Choosing the right maternal care center is important to mothers and babies. Here are some stories from mothers who have used Avera Queen of Peace's Maternal Care Center.


Tour of Maternal Room

View the Maternal Care Center

Our Maternal Care Center features a spa-like environment with 9 spacious, private, post-partum rooms each equipped with a whirlpool bath, sleeper chairs, television, DVD/VHS players, a refrigerator and ample space for displaying flowers and gifts.

Family and friends are welcome to visit, gathering in our large, child-friendly waiting area.


Medication Allowed During Pregnancy

Medications which are considered safe to take during pregnancy and approved by your physician include the following:

Pain Reliever/Headache
Tylenol PM
Extra Strength Tylenol
NO Pepto Bismol
Sudafed (if no blood pressure problems)
Sudafed Cold (if no blood pressure problems)
Robitussin (Alcohol free)
Robitussin DM
Tylenol Cold
Tylenol Sinus
Cough Drops
Throat Sprays
Pepcid AC
Nasal Sprays
Saline Nasal Spray
Yeast Infections
Monistat or any over the counter anti-fungal vaginal cream
Vitamin B6 (50-100mg twice a day)
Anusol/Preparation H
Sleep Aid
Tylenol PM
Dental Procedures
Dental x-rays are safe after the first trimester as long as the lead apron is used. Lidocaine without epinephrine is safe at any time. No inhaled gases may be used.
Any stool softener containing Docusate


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to consume alcohol?
No, alcohol consumption should be avoided during pregnancy.

Is NutraSweet okay to use?
You can use it in moderation. Studies have found no evidence for birth defects after using NutraSweet.

Should I not have caffeine?
You should avoid caffeine for the first twelve weeks, then in moderation after the twelve weeks.

Can I eat seafood?
You should NOT eat tuna, swordfish, mackerel, or shark, due to the unknown levels of mercury in them.

Is deli meat okay to eat?
You should avoid all deli meats, unless they are cooked thoroughly. This includes most sub sandwiches. It is due to the risk of a Listeria infection.

Is it okay for me to travel while pregnant?
Car - If you take a trip by car, you need to stop about every hour to get out and walk around to prevent blood clots in your legs.
Plane - Many airlines require a doctor's note for pregnant patients stating their due date and any pregnancy complications.
Regardless of mode of transportation, if you are over 32 weeks pregnant, you should take a copy of your prenatal records with you.

Am I able to get a perm/dye my hair?
We don't have much information about how much chemicals are absorbed through the scalp, so it's best to discuss with your hairdresser. Highlighting is fine but avoid any hair dyes that come in contact with the scalp.

Can I still go in the hot tub or take a hot bath?
The temperature should be less than 100 degrees during the first trimester. You may be in for five minutes and out for five minutes, but the total time in should not exceed 20 minutes. After the first trimester, 105 degrees is okay. Some hot tubs are kept at higher temperatures than this, so if you aren't sure, don't go in. The problem is the heat, not the water.

Can I still go to the tanning booth?
We don't have a lot of data, and there is no known evidence for fetal injury. There are more known problems for moms, such as skin cancer, than for the baby; so we suggest not doing it, or if you must, not over doing it.

Is smoking okay?
Try strongly to quit. If your partner is a smoker, work on them to quit, too!

Are drugs okay to use?
Quit! Please talk with us if you have a problem with drugs.

I have not felt my baby move much today, should I come in?
Please call immediately.

I have had some vaginal spotting today, what should I do?
Please call immediately.

I have had mucous discharge, is this normal?
Please call immediately.

I think I might be in labor, when should I come to the hospital?
Please call immediately.

I am leaking some fluid, should I come in?
Please call immediately.