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Sleep Diagnostic Lab

The Sleep Diagnostic Lab is a specially designed laboratory at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital. Advanced technology in a beautiful, new, comfortable area is used to perform sleep evaluations to help diagnose and treat individuals with sleeping problems. Our Sleep Diagnostic team includes pulmonologists and sleep technologists who will work with your physician to establish your individual program. If you think you might have a sleep disorder, please ask your physician to contact us for an appointment.

Are you getting a restful night's sleep? Take our Sleep Disorders Evaluation and test your sleeping patterns.

Sleep Disorders Evaluation

If you experience daytime sleepiness, excessive use of sleeping pills, night-time chest pain, morning headache, snoring, breathing irregularities during sleep, muscle cramps, esophageal reflux or night-time seizure activity, the Sleep Diagnostic Lab at Avera Queen of Peace may be able to help you.