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Type 1 Diabetes Exchange

The Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Exchange is a project being done to learn more about type 1 diabetes to improve the day-to-day management and accelerate research efforts.

  • People of any age with a clinical diagnosis of type 1 diabetes can join.
  • More than 50 diabetes centers across the U.S. are participating in the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry, with a goal of enrolling 45,000 individuals.

What's involved?
If you join the registry, we will collect information about your diabetes that is recorded in your medical chart and you will complete a form with questions about your diabetes and health.

  • There are no extra visits in addition to your usual clinic visits, and no additional blood tests or clinical procedures are required.
  • In the future, the T1D Exchange will have a website available for you to access your information recorded for the study. If you are interested, we'll send you updates about the study and contact you about possible research studies for which you might be eligible.

Why do we need you?
YOU are the expert on your own day-to-day diabetes; so we want to learn from YOU. Every person with type 1 diabetes is different, but we don't fully understand these differences. It is hoped that by combining information from many individuals with type 1 diabetes, we will be able to improve the management of diabetes in people like you.

Consent Videos
To view one of the informed consent videos, click on the link below for the appropriate age of the patient.

Please contact us if you are interested!

Julie Kittelsrud, CNP
(605) 322-3069

Brad Uhing, PhD
(605) 322-3064

Coordinated by the Jaeb Center for Health Research, Tampa, FL
Funded by the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, New York, NY

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