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About Avera Sacred Heart Hospital

Since 1897, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital has positioned itself as a leader in the health care field. Today, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital is a widely recognized regional healthcare facility serving more than 120,000 residents in a 15-county area in southeastern South Dakota and northeastern Nebraska.

Avera Sacred Heart Mission

With its mission “to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values,” the hospital continues to expand to meet the changing needs of the region. 

Avera Sacred Heart Affiliations

In addition to supporting the Avera Sacred Heart School of Radiologic Technology, the hospital is affiliated with the Sanford School of Medicine of The University of South Dakota and Mount Marty College nursing and other allied health programs. The community of Yankton is unique because of the breadth and quality of the medical specialties and staff that exist in this picturesque rural setting.

Primary Care, Rural Health Care Clinics

The hospital also operates primary care, rural health care clinics and specialty clinics:

Senior Facilities

Regional Locations

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital owns and operates:

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital also has partnership agreements with:

Avera Sacred Heart Carries The Joint Commission Accreditation

The hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and has developed a reputation for providing excellent patient care. The hospital reinvests its earnings back into the community by providing over $1.6 million per year in charity care and for health improvement initiatives or community citizenship programs. Avera Sacred Heart Health Services is the largest employer in the Yankton community with a payroll and benefits of over $34 million.

Avera Sacred Heart Patient Satisfaction/Customer Service

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital strives to constantly improve patient satisfaction and raise customer service to a new level. Surveys are sent to each patient after they are discharged from the facility and once completed returned directly to HealthStream to be tabulated for comparison with HealthStream's national database - more than 900 hospitals nationwide participate in this program. While in the hospital some may be visited as a part of the Patient Liaison Program, an attempt to heighten awareness of patient concerns and to help strengthen the bridge of communication between patient and staff.

Avera Sacred Heart Privacy Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy and your medical information.

Privacy Statement