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Children's Grief Groups

Today’s children face grief and loss issues we never dreamed of  including such traumatic events as death, not only of parents and family members, but of child friends and other significant people in their lives. Parents may be gone, even if not dead, as in divorce, in jail, or serving in the military. The absence of a loved one—whether parent, sibling, friend or pet—is a painful experience for children. A group therapy setting can help educate children about the grief process, provide a supportive environment to talk with others who share similar experiences, and can help develop coping skills and resources. Through the reading of stories, arts and crafts, sharing circles and more, kids will be able to express their feelings and share the ways their lives have been impacted. AMG Behavioral Health-Yankton is committed to offering support to grieving children in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance in order to promote a sense of well-being and healing.