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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy or psychotherapy involves meeting with a therapist one-on-one for the purpose of reducing the internal suffering which may occur in the form of problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and somatic responses (sensations in the body). In addition, ongoing psychotherapy is a common and useful means of self-growth and self-actualization for many people. Therapy can help people to confront barriers which interfere with emotional and mental well-being. Many people enjoy therapy and relish the journey of becoming more conscious about themselves, their inner world, and their relationships. Therapy may help to increase positive feelings such as joy, compassion, peace, self-esteem, spiritual connection, and love.

AMG Behavioral Health therapists talk through important issues and help you move toward more a productive, psychologically healthy life.  By providing a personal process of deeply listening to, learning from, and working with your protective or wounded parts, they assist you in becoming conscious of your inner world and help you learn to care for yourself, to heal, change and grow.