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Parenting Classes

Although rewarding parenting is an enormous responsibility and can be very challenging at times. For this reason, it can be beneficial to get support and learn from others by participating in parenting classes. Parenting classes can offer support and validation to parents across all spectrums, while providing tools and resources to enhance parenting and interaction with your children. Ultimately, the goal is to provide parents with access to information and resources that can positively impact the way parents interact with their children to create more positive, loving and respectful parent and child relationships.

Parenting classes are a type of support and educational resource available for new, experienced or expectant parents. Although it is not therapy per say, it can be therapeutic to meet, discuss and relate with other parents with similar struggles and challenges. Commonly, parenting classes are most helpful for parents who struggle with setting limits, enforcing consequences or disciplining their children. However, you do not have to be struggling with these specific problems to benefit from parenting classes. Parenting classes are facilitated by a professional and consist of other parents who are looking for similar answers as you are.

AMG Behavioral Health Yankton currently offers a parenting class based on Love and Logic™. These classes run one night a week for six weeks and are offered bi-annually. All individuals are made with the capacity to learn and grow and even when we think we have it all together there are always ways to improve in some capacity. These classes emphasize that no one person is perfect, and seeking help and support from others is encouraged to be successful in one of the most difficult jobs.