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Avera Yankton Care Center

Caring for our elders the Eden Alternative way

Avera Yankton Care Center is licensed by the State of South Dakota as a skilled nursing facility. We are licensed for 74 beds, including 15 private rooms and 29 companion rooms. All beds are dually certified for Medicaid and Medicare. Avera Yankton Care Center provides a wide range of traditional long-term care services for those who need varying levels of assistance with their activities of daily living. They serve residents with Alzheimer’s/dementia, feeding tubes, terminal illness, IV therapy, and mental illness.

Avera Yankton Care Center, over thirty years old, has 15 private rooms and 29 semi-private rooms. Each room has its own private bathroom. A community dining room serves the residents along with a large activity room with windows to the south.

The Eden Alternative

Avera Yankton Care Center follows the Eden Alternative Philosophy.

We are committed to grow away from the institutional settings that nursing homes have become and transform into a home with energy, vitality, spontaneity and love of life.

The core of The Eden Alternative is a commitment to infuse long term care facilities with huge numbers of companion animals, indoor plants, gardens, and children while at the same time reorganizing the management of the "home" around the needs of the Elders rather than bureaucratic priorities.

This concept is strikingly simple.  We must teach ourselves to see the environments as habitats for human beings rather than facilities for the frail and elderly.  We must learn what Mother Nature has to teach us about the creation of vibrant, vigorous habitats.

The Eden Alternative creates habitats for people who live and work in long-term care facilities.

Our goal is to help people weave together the philosophy of The Eden Alternative with the real world of daily practice.

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