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Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department

We are Open 24 hours a day...Everyday

If you or a loved one needs immediate medical assistance, the Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day - everyday - to take care of your big and small emergencies. The Emergency Department is always ready for you and staffed by an emergency physician and an experienced staff - highly qualified and trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

Level III Emergency Care

The Emergency Department offers Level III emergency care consisting of:

  • 24-Hour Coverage
  • Advanced Life Transport
  • Fixed wing and helicopter transport as needed to area hospitals.
  • Easy access and rapid response by a specially trained team.

Immediate Access to Advanced Technology 

Patients are registered at the bedside to keep waiting times as brief as possible. Each room has a patient information system to monitor patient vital signs. This data is sent to the centralized nurses’ station allowing clinicians to track patient status and progress. The ED is located within minutes of crucial support services such as radiology and ICU.

  • ASHH’s eICU technology provides the highest level of intensive care in the nation. This technology helps to improve care and shorten ICU stays by catching complications before they become serious. 
  • ASHH’s new GE LightSpeed™ CT scanner provides images faster than conventional scanners. In critical moments, a diagnosis can be made and life-saving treatment administered faster than ever before.

National Survey Results

Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department Ranked One of the Best in the Nation!

The Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department has earned the distinction of being ‘one of the very best’ according to national survey results recently released.

In a recent emergency satisfaction report conducted by Press Ganey Associates, Inc., 241 patients ranked Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department in the 94th percentile for overall patient satisfaction and in the 99th percentile for satisfaction of emergency nursing care.

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital conducts an ongoing patient satisfaction survey process and these results were from a survey completed from July 1 to September 30, 2005. Avera Sacred Heart’s data was compared to almost 900 hospitals nationwide. Press Ganey Associates, located in South Bend, IN, is the health care industry’s leading expert in patient satisfaction and research. 

Additional Highlights

Here are additional highlights from the Emergency Department survey:

  • 98th percentile rating of satisfaction for admission process
  • 99th percentile rating of satisfaction for nursing staff
  • 98th percentile rating of satisfaction for personal issues
  • 97th percentile rating of satisfaction for tests and treatment

Interesting Facts About the Emergency Department

Interesting facts about Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department. Did you know...?

We're a Busy Department

  • We treated 10,049 patients last year which averages to 27.5 patients per day.
  • 1 out of every 5 patients seen in the ED are admitted to the hospital, accounting for 58.9% of all hospital admissions.

We Have a Highly Educated and Experienced Staff

  • All ED RNs have completed the Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum which certifies all ED nurses in trauma treatment and care.
  • The ED employs four emergency physicians, all trained in ATLS, ACLS, PALS as well as other ED courses

We Provide Quality Treatment

  • "Door to Needle" time for the emergency staff to provide life-saving thrombolytics to acute MI (myocardial infarction or heart attack) patients averaged 3 minutes less than in other similar hospitals and well under the "Gold Standard" benchmark for treatment.

New Emergency Department

New, Enhanced Facility Design

At 7,400 square feet along with an additional 1,400 square foot ambulance garage, the new emergency department is twice the size of the old department.  The facility is located directly to the east of the old location and increases treatment rooms from six to eleven. A heated garage enables ambulances to be parked side-by-side. 

The new ED has an expanded waiting room area for family and visitors and a special room for EMS providers. Two different entrances separate critical patients that arrive by ambulance from walk-in patients and families, improving confidentiality and efficiency for all patients.  

New ED Entrances During Construction

Look for the new emergency entrance signs on the east side of the hospital.  There are temporary entrance changes for patients and visitors and EMS personnel.   Patients now enter on the north side of the building and ambulances and EMS personnel enter on the south.