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Catalyst Scripts

A No Cost Discount Prescription Card 

Everyone is concerned about the skyrocketing prescription costs.  The reality is that older adults account for the majority of prescription purchases. As a result, Avera Sacred Heart is pleased to provide you with a new, no cost opportunity to save money when purchasing prescription medications. Best of all, there is no cost to you to participate in this cost saving program.

The CATALYST SCRIPTS card ensures that you will receive the lowest price available for prescription medication at a participating pharmacy. While the amount of your savings may vary from prescription to prescription, it is possible that there may not be savings on every prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pharmacies Participate?

CATALYST SCRIPTS brings to you a national network of over 48,000 participating independent and chain pharmacies throughout the United States, with more joining every day. All major national chain pharmacies are participants in this program.

Most pharmacies across the country recognize this prescription benefit. If for any reason your favorite pharmacy is not participating, please have a member of the pharmacy’s staff call 1-800-577-6484 for assistance. Any pharmacy that is not currently participating may enroll at no charge. This toll-free number will also appear on the front of your card, and you may call if you require any help with any prescription.


CATALYST SCRIPTS’ unique four-tier pricing system ensures you receive the best price every time, even if the pharmacy is running a special. When you present your CATALYST SCRIPTS membership card at the participating pharmacy, the CATALYST SCRIPTS computers go to work, checking the most cost effective pricing available. If the pharmacist dispenses a prescription that has a higher price than the lowest priced alternative, CATALYST SCRIPTS.

How Can You Register for a No Cost CATALYST SCRIPTS Card?

If you are not already a member of a prescription discount program, simply complete the application at the bottom of this page, cut along the perforated line and mail the application back to Avera Sacred Heart PrestigePLUS. In about 6 weeks, you will receive your CATALYST SCRIPTS card in the mail.

Then when you have a prescription to be filled, simply take your prescription and your discount card to your favorite pharmacist who will fill your prescription and tell you the amount you will be required to pay. It is that easy!

After signing up, you and your family will have the opportunity to save money on prescriptions while you are at home or traveling. One card covers your entire immediate family. Remember: signing up costs you nothing.

How do Your Enroll? 

Mail Application 

To enroll, please mail the application to:

PrestigePLUS Office
Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
501 Summit
Yankton, SD 57078