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Bair Paws Warming Gowns

Patients at the Avera Same Day Surgery Center will experience the latest in many innovations when it comes to outpatient surgery such as the Bair Paws Patient Gown system.

This creative, comfortable system replaces the old standard cotton gowns. Bair Paws are easy to put on and are temperature controlled by the patients themselves.

The Bair Paws system combines forced-air warming and patient gowning in one easy step.

While the patient relaxes, the system uses a unit that delivers warmed air through a hose to perforations in the specially designed gown. While waiting for surgery, patients can adjust the air temperature using a hand-held controller. After surgery, the Bair Paws warming unit can be reconnected to the gown to help comfort patients while they recover from anesthesia.

“We’ve actually had patients who didn’t want to take them off before they went home,” said Diane Davis, Director of Surgical Services. “They have been a big hit with our patients.”