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With the best technology at their fingertips, physicians and nurses at the Avera Same Day Surgery Center are able to offer patients the superior care that is synonymous with the Avera name.

The Avera Same Day Surgery Center was the first in the Yankton region to install leading edge technology, the Endosuite operating room.

Surgical Equipment Off Floor and Streamline Operation

Endosuites have removed all surgical equipment off the floor and raised it to movable, ceiling-mounted booms. Large, bulky CRT monitors have been replaced with lightweight monitors that are also ceiling-mounted. These booms and flat panel monitors give the surgical team not only a much larger range of movement and accessibility, but enhanced picture quality.

Endosuites streamline the entire operation, allowing circulating nurses to focus entirely on a patient's needs rather than the lighting in a room or the relaying of information to the doctor. Studies have concluded that Endosuite technology not only leads to a reduction in the time needed to perform surgery, it also improves the surgeon's control and results in an increase in efficiency and safety.