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Athletic Republic Performance Training

The Athletic Republic Sports Training system represents a unique speed, strength, and conditioning approach incorporating non-traditional, revolutionary methods to make athletes faster and more explosive. A combination of originally-designed equipment not found elsewhere, copyrighted training protocols based on the scientific literature, and a training environment with one-to-one contact, maximizes an athlete’s available time and efforts.

Proven Results

On average, Athletic Republic training participants experience:

  • A two-tenths improvement in 40-yard dash time
  • Eight-hundredths improvement in 10-yard dash
  • Two inches improvement in vertical jump
  • Fifteen-hundredths improvement in pro agility
  • Recovery times between intense periods of exercise may be reduced by up to 50%
  • Gains of up to 20% in certain strength and agility assessments can be expected during an athlete’s first time through our training regimen

Success in Action

Here is a brief list of athletes who train or previously trained with Avera Sports:

  • Kyle Vanden Bosch—All Pro Defensive Tackle, Detroit Lions
  • Kevin Kaesviharn—Defensive Back, New Orleans Saints
  • Ben Leber—Linebacker, Minnesota Vikings
  • Josh Stamer—Linebacker/Special Teams, Buffalo Bills
  • Adam Timmerman—All Pro Offensive Guard, St. Louis Rams
  • Levar Woods—Linebacker/Special Teams, Tennessee Titans
  • Bryan Schwartz—Linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Scott Connot—Defensive Back/Special Teams, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Steve Heiden—Tight End, Cleveland Browns
  • Kirk Hinrich—Guard, Chicago Bulls

In addition to these professional athletes, dozens of Division I, II, and III and NAIA All-American athletes have trained with Avera Sports, including:

  • Jill Theeler (Mitchell High School and North Dakota State University track and field standout)
  • Josh Ranek (Tyndel High School and South Dakota State University’s All-time leading rusher)
  • Sarah, Jeana and Jenna Hoffman (Mitchell High School and University of South Dakota all-stars in track and field and basketball)

Duration of Training Programs

While our traditional training programs are six to eight weeks in length and consist of three 90-minute workouts per week, our staff can develop a training program to meet your needs and fit your schedule. Whether between sporting seasons and having only three or four weeks to train, or someone who would like us to coordinate an entire year-round training program, we have the expertise to address your needs.

Professional Trainers

Our trainers represent a variety of sporting experiences and educational backgrounds. Some of our trainers have earned a Masters degree in an exercise science related-field, some are former All-American track and field athletes and others hold certifications from prestigious associations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association or USA Weightlifting.

Regardless of your training needs, you will be in professional hands with our experienced team.

Athletic Republic Training Locations

We offer Athletic Republic training programs throughout the region. Find contact information and additional details by location. Some sport-specific programs may only be available at certain locations. Call for additional details.


Avera St. Luke's Acceleration is powered by Athletic Republic. Access athlete registration forms. Contact us at 605-229-8336.


Avera Acceleration in Mitchell offers pre-season, in-season, and off-season high intensity performance enhancement for competitive athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Call us at 605-995-2445.

Sioux Falls

Avera Sports with Athletic Republic® offers multiple week training programs for a variety of sports. Call us at 605-322-3278 or view a map and directions. Most training programs in Sioux Falls are offered in multiple session packages.

Session options

12-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Six running treadmill workouts
  • Six plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

18-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Nine running treadmill workouts
  • Nine plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

24-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • 12 running treadmill workouts
  • 12 plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

Live Better. Live Balanced. Avera.

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