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Softball Training

Avera Sports, with innovative principles from Athletic Republic, offers training programs to heighten your performance in softball and ensure you’re playing your top game on the field.

Enhance Your Softball Skills

Enhance your overall softball skills of running, fielding and throwing with our off-field training program:

  • Treadmill workouts improve and maximize sprint mechanics, running efficiency, stride length and stride frequency
  • Plyometric exercises that develop core strengthening and multi-directional agility
  • Functional strength training that improves bat speed and throwing velocity

Improved Performance, By the Numbers

Need proof that the programs offered by Avera Sports and Athletic Republic can improve athletic performance? See the numbers below for average improvements seen by athletes. 

  • 0.20-second decrease in 40-yard dash time
  • 20 percent greater leg strength
  • 2- to 4-inch increase in vertical jump
  • 50 percent improvement in rate of recovery
  • 33 percent quicker feet

Athletic Republic Training Locations

We offer Athletic Republic training programs throughout the region. Find contact information and additional details by location. Some sport-specific programs may only be available at certain locations. Call for additional details.


Avera St. Luke's Acceleration is powered by Athletic Republic. Access athlete registration forms. Contact us at 605-229-8336.


Avera Acceleration in Mitchell offers pre-season, in-season, and off-season high intensity performance enhancement for competitive athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Call us at 605-995-2445.

Sioux Falls

Avera Sports with Athletic Republic® offers multiple week training programs for a variety of sports. Call us at 605-322-3278 or view a map and directions. Most training programs in Sioux Falls are offered in multiple session packages.

Session options

12-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Six running treadmill workouts
  • Six plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

18-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Nine running treadmill workouts
  • Nine plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

24-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • 12 running treadmill workouts
  • 12 plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

Live Better. Live Balanced. Avera.

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