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Avera Return to Competition Program

The Avera Return to Competition program, offered by Avera Sports, is for any individual who has undergone surgery (knee, ankle, shoulder, spine) and would like to return to his or her previous level of participation.

The ARC program combines the expertise of our rehabilitation staff with Athletic Republic® protocols to offer the area’s most comprehensive strength, agility and functional program, tailored to help the athlete refine specific sport skills and achieve his or her activity goals.

The program consists of 24 sessions (eight weeks, three times per week) with a cost of $500. No referral is required.

Components of the ARC program

The program uses the following equipment and activities to achieve the athlete’s goals:

  • Super running treadmill exercises
    Aid the athlete in relearning proper walking and running mechanics, and improve overall body conditioning, strength, stability and flexibility. Backward walking and running activities address lower extremity strength and speed deficits.

  • Plyometrics
    Improves lower body coordination, explosiveness and agility. Plyometrics assist athletes with returning their lower body strength and power to pre-injury levels. Multidirectional movement exercises reinforce proper jumping, landing, cutting and deceleration mechanics.

  • Strength training workouts
    Personalized to each athlete by Avera physical therapists, athletic trainers and exercise specialists. Upper and lower body strength goals will be determined by each individual’s surgery and rehab needs.
  • Sport-specific skill training
    Allows athletes to address the demands of their sport in sport-specific settings. Avera Sports provides an environment for athletes to complete their training on a variety of surfaces, including artificial turf, basketball and volleyball courts, batting cages, long jump pit, driving range and MondoÒ sprint track surfaces. In addition to addressing specific phases of running (starting/stopping, acceleration/decelerating, cutting/change of direction), sport-specific skills of shooting a basketball, spiking a volleyball, or hitting a baseball or golf ball can be worked on under the guidance of our expertly trained staff.

Call 605-322-3278 for more information or to start your training today.

Athletic Republic Training Locations

We offer Athletic Republic training programs throughout the region. Find contact information and additional details by location. Some sport-specific programs may only be available at certain locations. Call for additional details.


Avera St. Luke's Acceleration is powered by Athletic Republic. Access athlete registration forms. Contact us at 605-229-8336.


Avera Acceleration in Mitchell offers pre-season, in-season, and off-season high intensity performance enhancement for competitive athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Call us at 605-995-2445.

Sioux Falls

Avera Sports with Athletic Republic® offers multiple week training programs for a variety of sports. Call us at 605-322-3278 or view a map and directions. Most training programs in Sioux Falls are offered in multiple session packages.

Session options

12-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Six running treadmill workouts
  • Six plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

18-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Nine running treadmill workouts
  • Nine plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

24-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • 12 running treadmill workouts
  • 12 plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

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