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Golf Training

Enhance your overall golf skills of flexibility, club head velocity and endurance with our off-course training program that includes:

  • Strength exercises with patented equipment to increase your flexibility, balance and stability
  • Functional training to improve on-course performance for power output and core strength
  • Treadmill workouts to improve and maximize both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

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To learn more about sports skill development programs available near you, contact one of our Avera Sports locations:

  • Aberdeen – 605-229-8336
  • Mitchell – 605-995-2445
  • Sioux Falls – 605-322-3278
  • Yankton – 605-668-8357

Athletic Republic Performance Training

Gain speed and explosiveness through our Athletic Republic sports training program. This unique speed, strength and conditioning approach incorporates non-traditional, revolutionary methods to take you to the next level.

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Sports Programs

You’ll also find individual and team performance enhancement programs for a variety of sports from Avera’s sports performance partners.

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