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Balance Quiz

Do you get a feeling of motion, spinning, or falling when moving your head quickly, or changing your position, e.g. getting in and out of bed?

  Yes    No

Is it uncomfortable trying to get around in the dark?

  Yes   No

Does walking down grocery store aisles or looking through the mail unsettling?

  Yes   No

Do you feel your feet do not go where you want them to?

  Yes   No

Do you consistently feel unsteady or unstable?

  Yes   No

Do you have a fear of falling or stumbling?

  Yes   No

Do moving objects or looking out the side window of a car make you queasy?

  Yes   No

Do changes in your walking surface affect your balance? e. g. is it harder to walk on soft surfaces than on hard surfaces?

  Yes   No

Do you ever feel you are drifting or being pulled to one side when walking?

  Yes   No

If you answered yes to any of these questions your balance system may not be functioning properly.

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